Main Street Properties Management, INC

"An asset building management company"


Our Philosophy

Why we do what we do...

Our philosophy to managing real estate assets and tenants is the most important aspect of our company. We believe and act according to the following:


~ Real Estate ~


No real estate stays static; it either is improving or declining. This is why all of our properties are on a Maintenance Program that includes: Changing Furnace Filters monthly, Pest Control quarterly, and Gutter Cleaning semi-annually. We act quickly to repair calls and we visit and evaluate every property on-site every month to make sure it is being lived in with repect.


~ Tenants ~


We believe excellent communication is critical for managing tenants. We make ourselves very accessible to our tenants for maintenance, payments, and all other related matters. We are local and we are hands-on. We respond quickly to meet the needs of our tenants, all the while well-representing our owners and what is best for them.


~  Main Street Properties Services ~

1. Maintenance and Repairs - We have a maintenance and repair staff that are on-call at all times. When larger repairs are needed, we contact proven technicians who offer quality service at affordable rates. We personally check all properties every month to watch for needed repairs and tenant compliance with the lease agreement. We provide the properties with monthly, quarterly, and yearly preventative maintenance in order to ensure our investor's properties are consistantly improving in value.

2. Communicate with Owners - In addition to taking care of the physical needs of our properties, we also provide our owners with detailed monthly statements itemizing all income and expenses for that month. We are available to our owners to answer any questions regarding their properties. Because we hae a web-based system of recording maintenance and repairs it is easy to show our owners every penny spent and every penny earned.


3. Accounting Services - The bookkeeping and accounting services we provide can include: Paying bills for repairs, bookkeeping, utilities, insurance, morgage payments, etc.; Managing and depositing rental income, security deposits, late fees, etc.; Managing insurance renewals/claims; Managing property taxes; Managing LLC/Corporate filings; Completing proper tax forms; Managing/Recording depreciation of properties owned.


4. Office Services - Our Office Manager is available for communications between owner and tenants, fax and email communication, answering simple owner and tenant questions, and receiving and processing payments.